Bridging The Gap (BTG)

The Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous offers a program designed to assist new members after their release from treatment and correctional facilities. This service is commonly referred to as the “Bridging the Gap” or “Temporary Contact” program. 

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Basic Program Procedures:

  1. A confined member is eligible for this program when they are within three months of being released.
  2. They fill out a form giving their name, age, gender, and release date along with a phone number and address where released if possible; a general location if not.
    Request For Contact Form
  3. Bridging the Gap coordinator will match them with a suitable temporary contact, taking into consideration age, sex, and destination.
    AA Member Volunteer Form
  4. After selection, the temporary contact will confirm the request with the new member.
  5. The new member and the temporary contact will then make arrangements to meet after the release date and attend their first A.A. meeting together.

Experience has shown that attending an A.A. meeting as soon as possible after release is vital to making a sober transition to life on the outside. During this time the new member will learn more about sponsors, home groups, working A.A.’s twelve steps, and doing service work. The temporary contact volunteer is available to answer questions and explain the A.A. program of recovery. They do not provide housing, food, clothing, jobs, money, or other such services. 
Volunteer To Be A Temporary Contat