District 47 Sub Committees

Each GSR is expected to participate in at least 1 district subcommittee. 
Alt GSRs and other AA members are encouraged to be involved as well.

Sub-Committees The purpose of District 47’s sub-committees is to allow GSR’s, District Officers, and District AA members to meet, share information and take action to carry the AA message on a District level. Each sub-committee is to have a Chairperson, subcommittee members and a District Officer who will act as an Advisor.

As of our January 11th 2023 district meeting we voted to combine sub-committee’s to best utilize our resources. Full explanation and purpose of our sub committees can be found here in our service manual. SERVICE MANUAL PAGE 9
Below are the Sub Committee assignments as of February 8th 2023 for Panel 73.

Literature, Grapevine, Website and Accessibilities (Lit – GV – Web – Acc)

  1. Chuck J. (Secretary Advisor)
  2. Joe Mc. (Let Go and Let God) Chair
  3. Rob S. (Last Chance)
  4. Tonya J. (Sellersville Mon & Tues Noon)
  5. Michelle C. (Sellersville Mon & Tues Noon)


  1. Jim R (Treasurer Advisor)
  2. Greg M. (ADCM)
  3. Sean H. (Red Hill Group) Chair

Structure and Archives (Str – Arc)

  1. Greg M. (ADCM Advisor)
  2. Tom E. (Step Up Group)
  3. Rod P. (Upper Tinicum Group) Chair


  1. Chuck J (Secretary Advisor)
  2. Joe C. (Hilltown Saturday Night) Chair
  3. Crystal E. (Sisters Living in the Solution)
  4. Tyler S. (Rolling Hills Sobriety)
  5. Bill M. (Rolling Hills Sobriety)

Institutions and Bridging the Gap (Ins – BTG)

  1. Jen F. (DCM Advisor)
  2. Bob B. (ODAAT) Chair
  3. Tom E. (Step Up Group)
  4. Rich L. (Children of Chaos)
  5. Christina C. (Penn Women’s)
  6. Lisa B. (Penn Women’s)
  7. Christine F (Source of Strength)

Public Information, Intergroup and Answering Service (PI – Int – Ans)

  1. Stephen “OZ” (O.A.L. Advisor)
  2. Meg G. (Souderton Step)
  3. Rich L (Children of Chaos) Chair
  4. Rick F. (Rolling Hills Sobriety)
  5. Tom P. (Sellersville Living Sober)
  6. Debra H. (New Life Group)


  1. Jen F. (DCM Advisor)
  2. Tonya J. (Sellersville Mon & Tues Noon) Chair
  3. Jim R. (Treasurer)
  4. Geoff S. (Perkasie Group)