Submit Your Group History to District 47

If your group has written or updated your groups history upload a copy here for our District 47 records and we will be happy to forward that on to our Area 59 archives as well.

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    How to Write an A.A. Group History

    Compiling and writing your group’s history can help you better understand how your group fits into the total A.A. experience, and you can see that it is a vital part of the living fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. An ideal group history includes descriptive data (when, where, type of meeting), specific information about who attended the first meetings, and details about the group’s past experience, strength, hope, and tribulations.

    A group’s history will be more interesting if it is about people as well as facts. Who were the most unforgettable characters in the group? Which members have been the most dedicated and helpful? There might be some wonderful stories in our area. Let’s preserve these stories for those who come after us.

    The first step will be to talk to the long-timers in the group. Talking to the long-timers in the group on a one-to-one basis may help discover the basics of who, where, and when. A face-to-face meeting of long-timers may be helpful, especially if there are conflicting details. With the members’ consent, you should include their full names in the original history. The use of full names helps the researchers and historian’s separate members with similar or the same first name. Share your completed group history with long-timers and other members.

    When you feel your group history is complete, submit the Group history here. By the time you have finished, you will probably know more about your group’s past experience and evolution than any other member.