Resignation of Class A Trustee and Chair of the Board

Fellow AAs,

Last weekend, the General Service Board (GSB) met during its quarterly board weekend. We wanted to let you know as quickly as possible that, at the board’s request, Linda Chezem has resigned as a Class A Trustee and Chair of the Board.

First and foremost, the GSB wants to assure you that we continue to affirm our commitment to the board’s single mission—serving the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Excerpt from letter dated 2/3/23 from Jimmy D. Interim Chair, General Service Board

What is the GSB?

General Service Board (the Trustees) Traditionally composed of nonalcoholics as well as A.A. members, the General Service Board was the first movement-wide service unit in A.A. It is responsible for safeguarding A.A. tradition and A.A.’s service funds. It oversees the General Service Office and the two operating service arms of A.A. World Services, Inc. and AA Grapevine, Inc. The board is comprised of 21 trustees, seven of whom are known as Class A (nonalcoholic) trustees who are selected principally for their business or professional backgrounds. The other 14, known as Class B (alcoholic) trustees, are a mix of regional, general service and at-large trustees who bring varying talents and backgrounds to their service responsibilities. The General Service Board is the chief service arm of the Conference and is essentially custodial in nature.

Reprinted from pg 8 of P-18 Inside A.A.